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The greatest sporting teams in the world get into a regular playing rhythm and executional pattern - just like the rest of us. This makes them good, but not great.

What makes them great - the very best they can be right now - is that they take the time out to use an external guide or navigator to help them think through a plan of how to be better. Not as a one time exercise, but as an ongoing part of a continual improvement process.

And thats where we can help you and your team.

Red Communication helps retail business teams to be the best they can be - having worked with some of Australia's and New Zealand's leading retail teams.

There are many ways to work with us to articulate and implement productivity and profit growth initiatives for your business. Our services include:-

- Customer Value Proposition Development (CVP)
- Performance Audits & Scorecards
- Business Strategy & Advice
- Retail Strategy
- Retail Masterclasses
- Presentations & Workshops
- Media Commentary & Articles
- Mentoring & Leaderhip Development
- Research, Tracking & Insight
- Team Inspiration
- Behaviour Change Programs
- Workshop Facilitation & Leadership
- Recruitment, Induction & Training Programs
- Staff Performance Management Strategy
- Process Engineering
- Supply Chain & Value Chain Strategy
- Organisational Model Enhancement
- Productivity Gain Programs
- Merchandise Strategy
- Product Development
- Category & Range Optimisation
- Promotion Strategy & Planning
- Multi-Channel Communication
- CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
- Agency Direction & Co-ordination
- Creative Strategy & Concept Development
- Channel Strategy & Planning
- Blended Multi-Channel Retailing Development
- Coverage Planning
- Multi-sensory Merchandising & Stimulus
- Distribution Productivity Initiatives
- Selling Strategy & Sales Process Enhancement
- Environment Design Strategy
- Multi-Channel Alignment
- Online Strategy
- Visual Merchandising Strategy
- Customer Experience Development
- Pricing Strategy & Pricing Architecture

We undertake initiatives that unite the executive team and provide inspiration and guidance through the execution process.

Here are some simple ways to begin - we call them products.

But you may prefer a tailored approach.

Needless to say, if you understand that in retail you must continually innovate to stay relevant for all stake-holders (and in order to be the best that you can be), please take the time to have a look at these basic products as a thought starter.

If you're ready to be the best you can be, we're ready to help.

Red Retail Communications Audit

When did your executive team last engage in an independent audit of the critical stakeholder touch-points of your business?

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Red Strategic Planning Workshops

In retail, there is seldom the time to sit back and do anything – least of all review the business and where it is going. After all, when was the last time you and your executive team took time out from doing the business to think about
the business.

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