John Moore - Former CEO - The Nuance Group

“Very rarely in my business career has an individual made such a difference to my own strategic thinking or been more constructively challenging than Peter James Ryan has. Peter and I have worked together in my capacity as Chief Executive Officer of The Nuance Group – the world’s largest travel retailer. Nuance in Australia is a $500 million retail group and operates under the dominant Downtown Duty Free brand. In an industry that has been facing constant challenges from September 11, to SARS, to Bali bombings and a rapidly changing consumer profile, there has been a serious need for change. As a Chief Executive I seek good counsel, critical judgment, and clearly defined executable ideas from whomever I am working with – Peter was a key contributor to our thinking and doing. Peter brings a unique perspective to his clients. Don’t be surprised if he turns a lot of things upside down in order to help you and you team see the future. You might see RED but not on your balance sheet if Peter has anything to do with it.”

David Jarjoura - Managing Director - MyHouse

Peter has made an immeasurable contribution to our Business through his understanding of the market, of our Business and how the two need to meet.

Robert Stockdill - Publisher - Inside Retailing

Peter James Ryan brings to Australian retailing a fresh, objective and internationally-benchmarked approach to the most challenging issues facing Australian retailers every day.

Alvin Ng - Former General Manager - Dick Smith Division - Woolworths Limited

When it comes to Retail Strategy and Planning, Peter James Ryan is smart, practical and insightful.

Haydon Bray - CEO - Bray Communications Group

A passionate champion of retail and a retail business consultant whose pragmatic and articulate advice just makes good business sense. What more do you need?

Geoff White - Former General Manager Marketing - Coles Myer Liquor

Peter James Ryan has the unique ability of combining strategic and intuitive skills to develop solutions and perspectives which challenge the conventional paradigm.