The Power of Lighthouse Brands.

The communication channel and media noise is deafening. The plethora of product options and choices has created a sea of confusion. At every turn there are Arthur Daley shonks looking to rip you off. Comprehension is low along with the perception of protection. Swamped by the “perfect storm” our only means of salvation as consumers comes from a beacon that steers us safely to port.

This is the power of a Lighthouse brand.

Customers trust Lighthouse brands to make it easy for them; to do all the hard work; to ensure quality; to make sure products, services and practices meet sustainability and governance criteria; to be hip and fashionable; to show them the way; to give them the best value for money; to do the right thing by them on every level.

Lighthouse brands capture customer’s hearts and minds because they understand both the rational and emotional attributes that are relevant to their customers right here, right now. And they deliver those attributes time after time, in a tangible, bullet-proof way that ensures continual customer satisfaction.

Customers of Lighthouse brands aren’t confused because the brand makes choosing simple. They aren’t closed off to communication because Lighthouse brands communicate with them in a relevant way that they feel is to their advantage. Customers of Lighthouse brands aren’t scared or timid because Lighthouse brands are always going the extra yard to add value and never rip them off.

Truth be told there are very few Lighthouse brands.

Why? Because too many retail brands focus on the wrong things, lack real individuality and don’t act with confidence. It takes integrity to be a Lighthouse brand. And customers can smell a lack of integrity a mile off.

To become a Lighthouse brand requires a retail business to draw a line in the sand. The business must find what makes it unique and strong. It needs to focus only on growth that builds on this base and reinforces it. It needs to have engaging dialogue – internally and externally – about what it stands for and how it operates. It needs integrity in regard to what it is and what it isn’t; what it does and how it does it; who it serves and why it serves them.

Lighthouse brands are winners.

When times are tough for whatever reason, people flock towards Lighthouse brands because they demonstrate leadership in what they do and what they represent.

Your retail business can become a Lighthouse brand. If you have the integrity, the motivation and the passion, you have the pilot light that could ignite a beacon.