The five best sales around the world

If you measure your shopping success by the size of the discount you receive then you’re officially sanctioned as a bargain hunter. And as a paid up member of the Bargain Hunters Club these are the sales you should absolutely be aware of.

1. The Paris Clearance January & July Clearance Sales

By government legislation – twice a year – France goes on sale. All retailers can discount their merchandise by up to 50% and most (if not all) do. Paris becomes a playground for those who love designer everything and the world heads here because – by law – this is the only time of the year when you will find these stores on sale.

2. Singapore “Sale-a-bration”

From end May to end July every year – for 8 weeks – the Singapore government, the travel industry and the retail fraternity join forces to create one of the biggest and best sales on the planet. Singapore – known as one of the best bargain hunters paradises on earth goes on sale at up to 70% off. Everything you want from electronics to luxury fashion brands are on sale here. If you know what you want and your sizes, you can seriously dent your credit card.

3. London’s Post Christmas Sale

In the aftermath of Christmas – and lets face it, in UK retail terms it hasn’t been too bright of late – there are always bargains a plenty to have in London. Some of the best department stores in the world and many of the high streets brightest and best slash and burn to generate post Christmas revenue and reduce stock levels in time for the introduction of the spring season.

4. e-Bay

The best place to hunt bargains 24/7/356. Non-stop virtual shopping engagment.

5. Costco

Costco seems like it is on sale every day. You never know what the canny buyers at Costco have managed to get their hands on. And at cost plus 10% it is guaranteed to be cheaper than many of the best sales around the world every day. The only catch is that you need to pay US$85 to become a member. But it’s worth every cent.